Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rotary Members Lead Change!

Rotary Members Lead Change!

Imagine years ago some old guys sitting around Rogers Lodge ...forming a closed club of business people.  Now see a new Rotary Club in Club of retirees and some young people meeting at Rogers Lodge to consider how best to help families, especially young moms, to teach kids how to read before going to school.  See the new Rotary trying to figure out how to take control of our economic future by envisioning the year 2020.  Now see Rotary help to plan the new and exciting Family Fitness Expo for the Healthy Community Initiative.

What a difference!  While there was a time when the Rotary took on a few local projects and helped with some money for the schools, today, the new Clio Rotary is determined to lead the community discussion about the type of change that needs to take place in the area.  Whether it is economic change, or educational change, or health care change, the Rotary is not on the sidelines, but involved and leading the community.

Change is tough.  It's much more difficult than painting the pavilion in the park.  But for Clio and for many small towns, change must begin; and Rotary is in a perfect position to help lead the community change that is needed for survival in this new world!

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