Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Are Some Seniors So Grumpy?

In my view, us older folks need to be grateful and smile and say hello to everyone all the time.  Seniors should take the time to lead; to put their grocery cart in the rack; to take responsibility for others and to be grateful for the wonderful opportunities we have been given by this great country of ours.

Now, I know that some older citizens are struggling.  Some have no retirement and social security of under $1000 a month to pay all the bills. Some have medical bills, co-payments, drug prescriptions that take most of their money; and life is a challenge.  And they have reason to be discouraged.

But not all seniors are in that situation.  Most retirees are doing just fine, thank you; and they don’t need to be grumpy!  Some seniors went to war for America and were welcomed home with the GI bill.  Some seniors began building overtime in the factories during the 50’s and 60’s and had sense to save a little over the last 40 years in 401Ks that have doubled and re-doubled.  Some have benefited from company or public retirement plans and medical benefits.  Why can’t they be happy?

When I began college in 1963, the federal government provided me a NDEA loan (National Defense Education Loan) at about 2% interest because it was in the national defense for young people to go to college.  And I’m grateful for it.

During my life, technology has changed the world for the better.  I can communicate live with my daughter in Chile, and my grandson in England.  I can search for all the best restaurants on my phone, and make conference calls from nearly anywhere.  I can check my bank account, pay my bills, and turn on the night light when I’m not home.  I’m grateful for that.

I’m grateful that females have been finally allowed to take their equal place in the world.  It relieves me a lot of work!  And since my good wife worked as a professional for 38 years, I appreciate the way she is still honored by children in our community; and now I appreciate her retirement check at the end of every month!

I appreciate social security and Medicare.  If you want to see a government program that runs like a clock, its social security.  After a short form you fill out before your birthday, the check comes in every month. I now get an annual physical exam paid for by Medicare, and yesterday, my wife got $155 worth of medicine for $20.  So, I’m grateful.

Seniors unite:  Let’s show those young people how much we can smile and be positive role models for all those kids and grandkids!