Friday, December 21, 2012

Making the Most Out of New

Making the Most out of New

It is much more convenient to park in the same place every time you go to VG's.  Or at least park in the same row!  It's so easy to do the same old thing:  have the same glazed salmon dinner at Lucky's every time, get gas at the same station,  go down the same road every time, etc. etc.

You know what I mean!

So now we have the Christmas and New Years celebrations - all about a new birth of our faith and a new chance to lose weight and do better in a new year.  Now is the season for new...for beginning again. 

And yet some times, the new year brings the same old thing! Same arguments, same opinions and conversations, same food, same old habits.  Nothing new.

In 2013, let me challenge you to get a little crazy, break out of tradition, and make the most out of new.  In other words, make the "new" work for you.  Make parking in a new place a joy because you do have a choice.  Make a diet an exciting opportunity to be "looking good."  Make giving to the community a chance to give back and pay back your neighbors, brothers and sisters.

Make being nice to your brothers and sisters much easier because family is all you got, baby!

Each of us has a special opportunity to start anew  on Christmas, on New Years, and on every day we wake up to smile, to do something nice, to be positive, and to make sure that we are living the life that makes our mother proud.  I'll try and I hope you will too!