Friday, May 4, 2012


1.     Transformation.   This section is about a project in a small community near St. Austell, Cornwall, England called the Eden Project.  In only 10 years, a clay china mine, a quarry 200 feet deep the size of 35 football fields with no soil was transformed into a beautiful garden with plants and nature systems unique around the world.  This waste area, doomed and extinct now hosts over 2 million visitors a year and features the largest indoor rainforest in captivity.  The Eden project has created 520 permanent jobs, changed the economic status of the immediate area, and used sustainable construction to create 2 huge domes and an educational center all supplied with renewable energy.

Further, what began as a dream to transform a clay pit into a nature center with 83,000 tons of soil supporting thousands of plants, has now been transformed again into an international catalyst for change and call for creativity and hope for the future.  Today, the Eden Center is a place for inspiration exploring ways to live within the 21st century.  Today, it is a the demonstration of what is possible…of what creativity and enterprise can produce no matter what the obstacles. 

The leaders at the Eden Center want to explore, collaboratively, what kind of human beings we want to be…what kind of society do we want for all people…what kind of talent and skills can we harness to build a future we cannot see.

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