Friday, May 4, 2012


1.     In a recent book, Abundance by Peter Diamandis, a case is made that the future brings billions of people to the creative table.  Much of the following data is from the book Abundance.  ( .)

By 2020, three billion more people will have access to cell phones and the internet.  Three billion more minds to contribute to the world’s knowledge.

Technology will allow new ideas to emerge from every corner of the globe.  From every garage in the world, a new generation of people like Steve Jobs will have access to the world’s knowledge through technology. In the continent of Africa, for example, only 2% of the residents had cell phones in the year 2000, but 28% had them by 2009, and by next year over 70% of the people of Africa will have a cell phone.  And if they have access to the new world wide “cloud,” they will have access to all the information the world has very produced – right in their own village in the most remote of places.

Creative robotic technology in health care will cause a future of good health. A new medical device, the LOC (lab on a chip) is being developed so that a simple hand held device can deliver all the most critical lab tests with a single drop of blood and send that data electronically to the best minds of the medical world.  Because of the instant analysis, remediation can be accomplished in a short period of time.  Meanwhile, the world’s best minds will analyze real-time data from every continent, every country, and every village monitoring the trends and needs for creating a healthy world free of disease.

Creative people are nearing a solution on the issue of water.  Universities around the world are creating simple and inexpensive ways to change salt water into safe drinking water.  Instead of living with a scarcity, the future can bring us an abundance of water by using the great oceans which cover 70% of the earth’s surface.  The world can look forward to the day where 1.8 billion children don’t have to die from disease resulting from poor sanitation and the lack of fresh water.

 Although history is heavily influenced by the fight over resources such as coal, oil, and other energy resources, the world’s future fight is over the sun which currently supplies 5000 times the energy needs for the world.  Creative plans are being made around the world to better harness our most limitless supply of energy thereby making energy affordable to every world resident.
Some see the future as a challenge to divide the pie into smaller pieces.  According to Peter Diamandis in Abundance, creative, innovative teams of people are working collaboratively around the world through technology to create whole new pies in order to meet the needs of every human being on our planet.

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