Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Congratulations to SImms Chevrolet!

Local Business Goes Green.

Simms Chevrolet may look a little different next year. Because GM has given the green light to remodel, the Simms brothers will use local resources to “go green,”

“We already recycle oil, oil filters, batteries, paper, cardboard, Freon, anti-freeze, metal and plastic..." said Bruce Simms. “Now we are looking at that same theme for our construction project.”

Alternative energy is on the list of possible new changes at Simms according to Jim Simms.

"We have begun to talk to local experts in solar and wind technologies; and we are looking at repurposing the materials and structures that already exist because we don't think that this project should be wasteful."

Although local permits and regulations have to be met, engineers have already been contracted to survey the site and make suggestions.  Local labor and materials will be the first choice for the renovation according to the Simms brothers.

“We all need to do our part for our community,” said Jim.  “We want to be a leader in this area and be a good example for other businesses.”

More information and updates are available at .

Friday, August 26, 2011

Would you like to comment here?

Community Blog?  Want to write something?  It has been suggested that community residents and business owners might want to write a couple of paragraphs to be placed here on the home page of this site.  Naturally, we would want to know your comments and suggestions about the community and positive ways to get better.  (I found that just complaining doesn't really produce any results!)  Or maybe you are running a special deal for Clio Area residents...maybe 10% off a new car to anyone with a Clio address?  How about that Jim Simms?  How about a dental tip every once in a while to save my children's teeth?  How about a fitness tip from MACC?  Or from Snap Fitness? 

What's your thinking?  Go to the "contact us" page or call Nate at 810-691-4801

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Does Clio Need a Park and Recreation Director

What do you think? The Youth Sports Complex, like the Clio Amphitheater, is an underutilized resource in our community.  Underutilized as in "community use"  or as in "economic development."

While at the Family Fun Day at the Youth Sports Complex last week, I talked to several of the volunteers who are doing such a fine job out there; and I discovered that the complex is so unusually nice that other teams from other parts of the state enjoy coming to Clio!  Turns out that the Flint Convention and Vistors Bureau wants to be able to market our complex across the state - bring people and their families (and their dollars) to Clio.  I'm told that a weekend of games out there can make money for the complex - as much as $10,000 in a weekend - if we had a leader to organize the games.  In other words, a person acting as a tournament director could add several tournaments a month to our not-so-busy schedule.

At the same time, I know that adults and youth in our area are looking for someone to organize more softball teams, or winter hockey teams, or fall girls football teams, etc.  Would a recreation director, either full or part time, work for us?

How might we fund that position?  Could the Clio Park and Recreation Board help?  Let's talk.

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Healthy Community Project Starts at Carter Middle School in September

Coordinating School and Neighborhood Efforts to Improve Health Outcomes

Goal                   The goal of the School/Neighborhood project is to improve the health indicators of both children and adults in the Clio Area by better organizing and focusing residents at school and in neighborhoods to eat right, move more, and not smoke.
It is intended to show that better health outcomes can be achieved by better focus and better organization at school and in neighborhoods. It is anticipated that this coordinated approach might be utilized in other small communities.

1.      Coordinate Efforts at School and at Home: In order to reach the goal of improving health indicators, it is intended to provide education and services to individuals during the day at school and in the evening in their home and neighborhood.
2.     Hire  Organizers:  The project will hire three “community organizers” to act as advocates for better health in both the schools and the neighborhood, organizing various events and clubs that will provide education and experiences that improve health outcomes.
3.     Coordinate Resources:  The project will coordinate resources whenever possible utilizing the Healthy Community Initiative, the schools and Title I, the hospitals, and other non-profit resources.

Family Fun Day on Thursday

THURSDAY: Clio Area Youth Sports Complex is hosting the 3rd annual Family Fun Day this Thursday at the complex.  Free games, food, and fun for the family. For more information go to

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get on this site

Business and non-profits can get on this site, but I need your help.  We have tried to get some of the organizations loaded here, but we may have missed you!  So please call 686-4480 or my cell phone at 691-4801.  In fact, we would like you to put on your website.  Would you please help create this "gateway to Clio" by posting ?  We need you to help promote this site so residents can move quickly and easily among a variety of websites.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday at 6PM at Clio City Hall

The designer of the new website will help me present the new community portal to the Clio City Commission next Monday at 6 PM at the Clio City Office on Vienna.  Open to the public!  Why not hear what is going on?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 Presentations

Next week, we start rolling out the new website intended to be a "portal" for all local Clio Area websites so that residents can go to just one site and be directed to a variety of other sites including business sites, governmental sites, and Healthy Community site.  On Monday, August 15th, I'll present to the Clio City Commission, and on Wednesday, August 17th, I'll be at the Clio School Board at 7:00 PM.  Why not come and see what is going on?