Thursday, December 22, 2011


 WOW!  First Grandchild! First Christmas! Now that's a WOW!  And guess what grandma and grandpa will do for him while his parents take a weekend break?  Anything!   Our very neat condo is a disaster: the kitchen is full of bottles, diapers and blankets are laying on our bed, and toys are scattered everywhere.  His schedule is written on the fridge, and things come to a halt when he needs feeding or changing.  Our only rest is during his naps.  Thankfully, he sleeps most of the night, but we keep a monitor on him, and one eye open, just in case.  He gets ALL our love and attention.  Carter comes first!

What a relief when he goes home. I can go back to being just an old, selfish grouch.  I can do what I want - when I want.  After all, I deserve it, right?  I take care of myself, you take care of yourself.   I mean, I always put a dollar into the Salvation Army can outside of VG's, so I care about others...right?

Hmmm, that sounds a little selfish... maybe I need to slip into church this Sunday and get an update.  Maybe I should remember what my Rotary friends would say about "service above self."  Maybe I should treat others a little more like how I treat my first grandson on his first Christmas.  I mean I'm not going to burp anybody, but maybe I can do a little more...

From our blessed family to yours: Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!

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