Monday, December 5, 2011

Take the Plunge Report


Clio Area Citizens in Support of the Clio Pool

On Monday, December 05, 2011, over 50 area citizens met at the Clio School Administration Building to discuss the benefits of keeping the Clio High School Pool open, and to make various suggestions as to how to increase usage of the pool.  Additionally, 25 citizens took the time to testify in writing, via email, regarding their support of the pool.  Organizations that sent representatives to the meeting include the Dive Shop, Hurley Hospital, and the Crim Foundation, the Clio Rotary, the Youth Sports Complex, and others. 

After hearing an overview of the situation from Superintendent Tenbusch, the group recorded the following as some of the benefits of the pool:

1.     We are a healthy community, and the pool is an excellent way to promote good health.

2.     The pool is excellent as a therapy for people of all ages who have short or long-term disabilities.

3.     The pool contributes to better health for senior citizens.

4.     The pool could be excellent to promote good health for young people.

5.     The pool could provide an additional sport for high school students.

6.     The pool could help to drown-proof our entire student body.

7.     The pool is excellent for youth and adult victims of asthma.

8.     The pool is an opportunity to promote family, church, and community interactions.

9.     There is some history of high school use of the pool.

10.  There is data from 4/5/6 graders indicating interest in swim clubs or teams.

Many suggestions were made to increase usage of the pool.  It was agreed that citizen committees could be formed to advise the school district on issues including but not limited to:  1) user-friendly policies and procedures, 2) advertising and communication, 3) partnerships, and 4) student use. 

The following is a list of suggestions that were recorded:

1.     Implement user-friendly practices such as on line tickets, season tickets, family passes, etc.

2.     Implement on-site purchase of tickets.

3.     Increase student usage during the day for PE classes.

4.     Promote family events such as birthday parties, church outings, student lock-ins, etc.

5.     Design a marketing and communication campaign.

6.     Develop new partnerships with hospitals, physical therapy businesses, Red Cross, Dive Shops, and other local businesses such as Snap Fitness, Curves, and MACC.

7.     Seeks grants from healthy community and fitness organizations.

8.     Seek partnerships with other schools such as Mott C.C., GISD, Montrose, Birch Run and other districts without pools.

9.     Increase availability on the weekends.

10.   Complete a community survey on needs and wishes for the pool.

By the end of the meeting, the citizens agreed, unanimously, to send the following communication to the Clio Area School Board:

Because all are interested in keeping the pool and all are interested in helping to re-vitalize the use of the pool, then the attached list of citizens all agree that the School Board is encouraged to undertake a feasibility study on remodeling the pool as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Nate Jonker, Director, Clio Area Healthy Community Initiative

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