Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rotary Wins National Award!

The Clio Rotary won a prestigious Service Award from the International Rotary office in Chicago for the club's involvement in the Clio Healthy Community Initiative. This is among only a handful of such awards given throughout the United States.  The Clio Rotary made a five year commitment to the project, and they have been at every volunteer opportunity including the first town hall meetings and five year planning sessions. Each member of Rotary has participated, but while thinking about the most recent top ten activities of the Initiative, it was easy to identify some key players who are members of Rotary:
  1. Health Fair and Fitness Expo: The entire club works on this one, and Wanita handles the food truck for over 200 families.
  2. Family Fun Day: Mike Rozboril has organized this since the beginning and it serves 200-400 kids and adults. Mike Stuart organized the summer activities in the park.
  3. Regional Planning Board: Henry Hatter and Mike Zinn provide positive leadership.
  4. Leadership Academy: Now finishing its third year, the entire club works on this one, serving 60 residents every year.
  5. Under 40's Group: Lindsay Carpenter is one of the new young Clio Rotary Activists. She is also working on saving the pool.
  6. Human Services Fund: Pastor Roger, Kathy, and others raised and spent $6000 last year for families in need.
  7. Clio Area Health Center. Two years in the making, the new health center is due, in part because of Henry Hatter's connections with Hamilton, the Old Newsboys and others. Mike Zinn, Jim Tenbusch, and Fay Latture have been key players.
  8. Clio Recycling: Mike Rozboril, Ned Lockwood, Kaytee Colley, and others are planning and ready to go.
  9. Healthy Kids Learn Best. Superintendent Jim Tenbusch has been to each meeting and is very supportive.
  10. Everything This began years ago with the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary members Kathy Block, Mary Todd, and Desire.
Congratulations to the names listed and to every member of the Clio Rotary for taking on this five year commitment; and thanks for your "Service Above Self."

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