Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mistake I made yesterday - But not today!

Yesterday I made a big mistake.  I needed to buy some toilitries for Rotary to donate to the Clio Community Services drive coming up December 10 so I went to the local dollar store in front of Walmart on Linden.  I don't know who owns that store, who works there, nor did I check on the origin of the product. 

I was reminded that Borden's also carries $1 stuff too; so I went there and bought more shampoo, soap, and laundry detergent to contribute.  Borden's does a lot for our community, I know everyone in the store, and I don't know anyone at the other I should have checked local first! 

We just have to get it in our heads to check local first.  Buy gift cards to local businesses.  Look for things with a USA tag on the label.  We can do better! Did you see how many thousands of jobs can be created if every American bought one product made in the USA? WOW. We need to do it.  I'm fired up for shopping local!  How about you?

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