Friday, October 14, 2011

Community Organizers Hit the Bricks

Two community organizers have been hired by the Healthy Community Initiative to help make the connection between the home and the school for middle school students.  Tim Neelands and Rick Pickens may soon be contacting you in order to engage you in healthy activities both in your neighborhood and in the schools. 

Tim Neelands will be working primarily in the subdivisions off Wilson Road in Vienna Township.  Look for him there.  Tim has completed his Masters Degree in Leadership, and is now looking for opportunities to use his new degree and skills.  Rick Pickens will be working in the neighborhoods off Bray Road in Thetford Township.  Rick is a retired teacher, and former coach.  He knows about fitness, so help him help you to become more healthy.

The community organizers will meet with youth and adults in order to know their needs and match the needs with services and benefits that may help improve their life.

The organizers will also be contacting parents to get involved in the activities taking place at Carter Middle School.  Having just finished a parent/student activity on October 20, the two are now focused on the Stone Soup and Fitness Run on November 17 at Carter Middle School.

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