Monday, October 10, 2011

Celebrating New Leaders

Tomorrow is the final session of the Leadership Academy hosted by the Clio Rotary and the Healthy Community Initiative.  Tomorrow at Rogers Lodge near the Amphitheater, the Academy participants will celebrate their work over the last five weeks, and receive certificates of accomplishment from the Rotary.  Additionaly, the morning will be an opportunity to hear about plans from each group to make a difference in the community, and later will hear about new leadership training opportunities.

This is the completion of the third year of the Clio Area Leadership Academy, and it has been a joy to organize and implement.  Each of the sessions have had something special - even though different - about them.  Each speaker has brought a unique style and vision to the group.  The first year, nearly 50 showed up, last year over 50, and this year, nearly 60 came out every Tuesday morning at 7:15 AM to learn and work together.

Congratulations to all.  It was a sacrifice for many of the participants, and yet I know it was worth it.  This year, we had some stellar performances and it all made sense with the final session by Dr. Tenbusch on "framing the issues."

The questions are:  1) Should we do it again next fall?  2) What kind of topics around leadership do we need to work on?  Go to the contact section of the website and give me your ideas.

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