Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Parent/Child/Adult Phrases

A person's behaviors give you a clue about their characteristics. Although we are all seem to display a variety of behaviors, the Leadership Academy identified "Parent," "Child," and "Adult" characteristics, body language, and often-used phrases.  Do you recognize any of these remarks?

Parent (critical):  "You should know better!"  " You need to get..."  "Rules are rules, follow them." "A good person wouldn't do that." "Just quit!."
Parent (nurturing): "Here, let me do that for you."  "Well, you did your best."  " There, that will make you feel better."
Child (critical): "Whatever."  " Nobody loves me."  " You can't make me." 
Child (nurturing): "Gosh!" " Let's just play."  "Gee whiz."  "Wow."
Adult:  "I understand."  I hear what you are saying."  Let's talk about it."  What do you think?"  "I feel ____when you do ____."  How do you feel about it."

Why is this useful?  Because leaders deal with conflict all the time.  How best to deal with it?  Act like an adult.

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