Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leadership Group Notes

Clio Area Leadership Academy 2011

Session 1:  Getting Things Done!  Group Responses

Group 1:  Rotary Member Dennis Dinsmore

Good group, everyone participated. Primary points:

Vision – try to make sure everyone in the group has input into the vision statement. This will make it much easier to get participation in the implementation. It is up to the group leader to make sure nobody dominates the conversation.

Accountability – Is a two-way street. Bosses have some accountability to their employees and volunteer leaders have accountability to their group.

Leadership – one of the members suggested the following video U-Tube video on leadership called “First Follower”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW8amMCVAJQ

Group 2 – Rotary Member: Kaytee Colley

Q1.  Golden Nuggets

-Agenda-know your goals and how to get there

-Empowerment-a new Booster goal will be to empower more members by redistributing tasks.

Sometimes empowerment can create friction when a manager steps in to finish task thinking he/she is helping but really isn’t.  May be hard for a employees to accept orders from a peer who was given an empowerment type of task to complete.

-Communication-Needs to flow thru to everyone!

-Responsibility-Give tools needed to succeed to accomplish goals.

Q2. Most important :   Communication

Q3.  Example:  If you achieved your goal you communicated well.  Making it from point A to point B means your communication is working.

Q4.  Change?  We would change the list to a circle…each item in the list is routinely worked on, no items are ever finished or drop of the list.  You constantly revisit each item.

Group 3 – Rotary Members Mary Todd and Don Lee

1.  Golden Nugget       1.  Empowerment    The Goal of a Leader is to make more Leaders

                                    2.  When in doubt – Communicate

                                    3.  The Idea is more important than you are

                                    4.  Seek first to understand, then to be understood

2.  Which Strategy…        1.  To empower those who support – they must “buy in” to the project first

                                    2.   Delegate

                                    3.   Must have interest in a common goal, passion to get it done.

                                    4.   Let them think that it is their idea.

3. Give Example…     1. The topic for a meeting should include all interest in the group.

 2. Learn from mistakes, do your homework first . 

 3. Remember that the idea is more important that you are - Listen! 

4.  Success may be determined by how you value and empower

     others . 

4.  Stategies…             1.  See first to understand, then to be understood

                                    2.  Empower the people and give them the tools they need

                                    3.  Listen to what others think is important

                                    4.  Lead them to the idea and let it be it theirs

                                    5.  Listen to others plan and how it works with your plan

Group 4:  Katirna Young

Golden Nugget:           Empowerment with authority (run with the project)

                                    Best Interest: Empowerment/authority

                                    Leadership:  Just start

Vision:            Motivation:  Provide the environment in which people can motivate themselves.

                        Passion:  What drives you?

                        Leaders set up infrastructure for personal growth.

What works:    Circle of like minded people

                        Making sure of what the vision is

                        Giving responsibility to others

Order of presentation:  The group thought that the order of the strategies presented was accurate.

Group 5 - Jenni Dones - BEST

Golden Nugget: Keep people in the loop; Educate.

Strategies:       Catching people doing things right

                        Giving thank yous

                        Call and ask for help

                        Ask opinions to help and feel involvement, buy-in

Examples:       Clio Art Society – the calendar as a fundraiser

                        Diet:  Listening to people who say “I tried that.”

Strategies:       What is the vision?

                        Research – who are the competition



                        Keep people acceptable

                        Create policy              


Group 6 - Rotary Member Wanita Boven

1.      Golden Nugget: Have a Good plan in place; Communicate the plan down the line.  Passion, drive will fuel an idea.

2.     Strategies

a.      Lead by example.

b.     Have the right people in the right position.

c.      Be flexible and open to the ideas of others.

d.     Break things down into tasks and share.

e.      Encourage each other

3.     Most important:  Communication

4.     Important traits:  Flexible, have discussions, assess personal strengths, have passion, open plan, accountability, motivation and recognition, give and take.

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