Friday, August 26, 2011

Would you like to comment here?

Community Blog?  Want to write something?  It has been suggested that community residents and business owners might want to write a couple of paragraphs to be placed here on the home page of this site.  Naturally, we would want to know your comments and suggestions about the community and positive ways to get better.  (I found that just complaining doesn't really produce any results!)  Or maybe you are running a special deal for Clio Area residents...maybe 10% off a new car to anyone with a Clio address?  How about that Jim Simms?  How about a dental tip every once in a while to save my children's teeth?  How about a fitness tip from MACC?  Or from Snap Fitness? 

What's your thinking?  Go to the "contact us" page or call Nate at 810-691-4801

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