Monday, August 15, 2011

New Healthy Community Project Starts at Carter Middle School in September

Coordinating School and Neighborhood Efforts to Improve Health Outcomes

Goal                   The goal of the School/Neighborhood project is to improve the health indicators of both children and adults in the Clio Area by better organizing and focusing residents at school and in neighborhoods to eat right, move more, and not smoke.
It is intended to show that better health outcomes can be achieved by better focus and better organization at school and in neighborhoods. It is anticipated that this coordinated approach might be utilized in other small communities.

1.      Coordinate Efforts at School and at Home: In order to reach the goal of improving health indicators, it is intended to provide education and services to individuals during the day at school and in the evening in their home and neighborhood.
2.     Hire  Organizers:  The project will hire three “community organizers” to act as advocates for better health in both the schools and the neighborhood, organizing various events and clubs that will provide education and experiences that improve health outcomes.
3.     Coordinate Resources:  The project will coordinate resources whenever possible utilizing the Healthy Community Initiative, the schools and Title I, the hospitals, and other non-profit resources.

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